Gmail遭駭 Google怒嗆退出中國 曾遭中國監禁18年、後流亡美國的知名異議人士魏京生表示:「有些西方企業以為與中國共產黨政府妥協,即可任憑己意營運。但這是不可能的,因為中國政府不會滿足。」 租房子82/IssueID/20100114 Google needs 退出中國, because Google already become USA evilest liars politicians underground chained slavery terrors side (You 酒店工作 sucking Gmail遭駭 is the obvious evidence to show that your sucking Google already too suck to deserve the best Computer genius to work for you.) with USA liar President B 租屋ill Clinton and his ass whore co-president Hillary Clinton to abuse their sucking computer skill to press, scare, threaten, target less evil and good better best Chinese with their lies, "Ten.Ann.Man 新成屋" Square 64 case is one of USA biggest crime of lies (You just need to have common sense and brain cell to question yourself, Communist must not tax their people, China Communist Rebel own the entire Mainland Chin 辦公室出租a to provide most decent life to all poor homeless Chinese Free of Charge, "Food.Bi" "Town.5" accused by those sucking 64 criminal liars gangasters "從.Her.Are.Lie" to match that sucking US liar President Bill Clinton and his ass whore co- 房地產president Hillary Clinton accused "Right Wing Conspiracy" lies. Not mention those sucking File Gate, Body counts during sucking US Liar President Bill Clinton and his ass whore co-president Hillary Clinton sucking White House time.) , all 64 "Ten.Ann.Man" 室內裝潢linked Chinese name should be killed, 魏京生 is one of those suckers should be killed immediately. Had 魏京生 and those sucking "Ten.Ann.Man" 流亡美國的知名異議人士 indeed care Chinese people, they should already join 中國共產黨 to provide their best will and best skill to service all 酒店兼職 Chinese people Free of Charge, why they chosen 流亡美國 to rely sucking US Dollars to dragon down all their sucking links? Why they care sucking "Way.Food.Boot.Ren" 西方企業 instead of those poor Chinese people slaved by those sucking "Way.Food.Boot.Ren" 西方企業 lost Chinese best " G2000ck" dignity life? I curse you sucking 魏京生 die the most miserable horrible way like sucking USA liar President Bill Clinton and his ass whore co-president Hillary Clinton must have to deserved.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 酒店兼職  .
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