USA already finished, and slaved controlled by biggest White Trash U.K.queened without a King Just question yourself, how come every US citizen represented 酒店兼職 US Congress who knows US history allow the form of US Government to ta 21世紀房屋仲介x every one, how come US White House who must have to know how those who died in US indepe 九份民宿ndent war fighting for to allow anyone of US citizen to be taxed, not mention those sucking US military force cur 買房子rently rely on the crime of tax to support their sucking Golf war, sucking Iraq war, sucking Afgh war, that how many greatest died in 酒肉朋友US Independent war against for. And question yourself how come U.K. and NATO and all Western Media not ever openly demand US military US White House to fac 關鍵字排名e the crime of tax USA collected not just inside USA but enlarged into the entire world? The form of Nation, and the force of military,  no matter called U.K. or USA, USA o 東森房屋r NATO cannot even have the good will to respect or keep the pride of the integrity and spirit for what their Independent War fight for, how the  U.K. defeated in that independent war, h 酒店工作ow dare you think they can care anyone else but their sucking shameless cold cold hard unspeakable crime of lie of slavery that worse than any real slave time in our entire Human history ever happened before? How could an 系統傢俱yone of you who knows how to nuclear bomb Japan in  that WWII, not to do the duty to unclear both USA and U.K. immediately. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 保濕面膜  .
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